Living with FM is like going through life with a sofa strapped to your back. Some days you can carry it, it’s bloody heavy but do-able, some days you just can’t muster up the energy to even brush your teeth with it weighing you down. Sometimes your legs pain you from the sheer weight of it, another time it could be you shoulders/neck etc but it’s always there, relentlessly weighing you down. The good days are where you know it’s still there but sometimes, just sometimes you are able to forget about for a bit 🙆

Today was a good day, sofa and all 🤘🏻🤘🏻


A slow active day…

Putting on Melody Gardot and getting stuff done at 20 mph….the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I might not be Speedy Gonzalez but I’m functioning again 🙆🙆 

You gotta love a breakthrough 🤘🏻

Flopping….Negativelyportrayed as lazy or….mini disco-naps? ðŸ˜›

Ok so with FM I find myself flopping quite a lot. Getting up, brushing teeth, shower etc….flop back onto bed….getting dressed…..another flop…. travelling to work ( factor in time for a flop when I get there)….said flop….teaching for three hours, travelling home….massive flop…still massive flop….time for bed….flop…. in the hope sleep will come after all those flops 😞 you know the kind of thing. Anyway, I’ve decided in my newly found FM wisdom that there isn’t really any reason to beat myself up over my flopping. It makes me feel weak and lazy but….if it gets the jobs done eventually well then mission accomplished 👏🏻 I’m realising that this girl’s gotta do what this girl’s gotta do. It may take me longer to do simple tasks on ‘those’ days of FM hell but sure what’s my rush… 

So, instead of seeing flopping as a negative, I’m doing a Pollyanna on it and seeing my flops as mini disco naps 🙆 much more fun and that’s what I’m fighting this ‘fxxxer’ (FM) with 🤘🏻🤘🏻FUN! Cos I’m not going back to the dark side again with it 😎

Calling All Fibromyalgia Warriors

I’m starting this blog, my first foray into the blogging world And I’m a technophobe so be gentle, to attack Fibromyalgia with fun and strength. Over the course of the last five years from horrendous, chronic pain through to where I am now I have come to the realisation that the things that get me through both make me grit my teeth ( token emoji for more effect ) 😁 and make me laugh. 

So this blog will/should contain/be the following : upbeat, a need to be able to laugh at FM so as not to let it take over our lives, a need and a will to stay strong therefore no pity-parties welcome, a need to be a fighter, a good sense of life with FM humour, a need to stay true to yourself 😛 and not lose yourself in the illness and a general sense that life can be shit living with it but it can also be fab if you know how to conquer the beast 🙆🙆

Here’s to my first blog, (sooo embarrassingly proud) and let’s just have a laugh at the ‘ridiculousness’ of it all and hopefully create F.O Warriors of us all….🙆